COO Interim Management

What will make your business grow? How can you beat your competition? How will you ensure you hit your future targets?

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Brand & Asset Building

When is it time to change your brand logo, font or colour scheme? Discover how to set up a long-term strategy to build a strong brand identity.

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Sales & Marketing Strategy

Companies dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success.

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Business Restructuring

Restructures are deemed essential in order to rescue troubled companies and drive underperforming companies to top performance.

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Specialist Sectors

Consumer Electronics

Everyday Electronic devices that are typically used by consumers – in the household environment.


Internet of Things. The ever growing trend of every-day devices being embedded with an IP address for internet connectivity, and the consequent communication between these enabled devices and IT systems.

Data Storage

The various competing formats that are used to store and retrieve electronic data on Optical Disk, Electromagnetic and Silicon based technologies.

Sales & Marketing

To conceptualise, build and then implement a far-reaching Sales and Marketing strategy – this is the very essence of any successful company.