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Even in some of the most competitive global sectors, it is still possible with the right strategy and team to carve-out at least two-digit sales growth year-on-year. It takes a lot of planning, organisation and vision but it can be done.” says Gary Milner, SwitchtoGrowth’s Principal Consultant.

Gary until recently and for the past six years has headed up Verbatim, focusing primarily on the EMEA market. With sales revenues soaring beyond Eur300m a year, the company has become the leading brand in the Optical Storage Media product category.

By rapidly expanding the product assortment and introducing new businesses such as 3D Printing materials, LED Lighting and innovative Water Filtration products, Gary, was able to restructure and reorganize a company that, not too long ago, was only really recalled by the public as offering Floppy Disks/Recordable CD-R’s. Since then the company has come a long way!

Gary, with his team of expert consultants, can now demonstrate first-hand how to replicate the successes delivered at Verbatim with similar successful growth at your company.

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